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Soulful Support

Are you seeking a more fulfilling life where you express your true voice and live on point? Our heart-centered support will guide you so you are living the life you long for – one with meaning and aliveness! Uncover your hidden talents, unleash from what you think is expected of you, and shine from a place of deep inner knowing and connection. Learn to communicate with love – both to yourself and to others – as you reconnect to the Universe in kind ways, and to the power of your High Self.  Safely open your heart so you can finally live the life you want and the one your soul has wanted for you.   >>Learn More

Soulful Content, for Entrepreneurs

Getting your original ideas out to the world and your clients can be a daunting task. You WANT to help change the world but something happens and you just keep doing the same old thing. You feel tapped out creatively, and you worry that some of what you’re putting out there is too much like other people’s stuff – or it’s just not special enough. Confusion starts and soon your confidence plummets. And the world misses out. But something is calling you to…>>Learn More

What People Are Saying

“I am finding life without anxiety is way more fun than life with! I find myself being much more open to new experiences. And I reclaimed my essential nature that had been struggling to emerge for so long, all in a way that was powerful and joyful and graceful.”

Jana M.

Author & Girlfriend

I really found myself this year and I am feeling deep love. My inner confidence has grown and my sense of self worth is now rooted deep within my heart. And I am in joyful expectation of my new job, and new life!”

Sara R.

Financial Educator

“After my soul work with Tessa, I found the strength and energy I needed to finally sell my house, and move to go be with my daughter again. I knew I needed to bring things to a close, and after my soul retrieval it seemed like it was almost silly I had been stuck… Thank you, Tessa. I am enjoying life again and trusting it as I do new things that are more in alignment with the ‘real me!’”

Francis K.

Healer & Grandmom

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