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Soulful Practices & Easy Chants

Nature Walk for Your Soul

Increase your soul connection through focusing your attention in specific ways while you walk in nature. Receive the structure and guidance you desire to enter into a deepened connection with spirit and soul.

Some of Tessa’s Favorite Meditation Techniques

Here are a few ways Tessa has meditated over the years to create clarity of mind, focus, inner peace, and to receive greater “knowing”.

Chant, “Oh” for Love & Wisdom

Join Tessa in utilizing sound to create openings for love, wisdom, trust and greater self-acceptance. 4 minutes

Chant, Yemaya Connection

Strengthen your connection to Mother Ocean with this chant. 2 minutes

Live Broadcasts & Podcasts

Connect with Your Soul & Passion Podcast

Would you like to understand your soul more clearly? Get a greater understanding of some of its mysterious ways? My podcast on the Transformation Café will take you on a lively soul discussion and a visioning where you receive access to your own soul’s messages!! 32-minute audio

Guided Meditations & Visualizations

Tune In to Your Soul

This is a 15-minute guided visualization to assist you in exploring your passions and receiving loving messages from your Soul.

Evening Balance for New Self Image

This gentle, guided experience is designed to give you acknowledgment and appreciation of your inner growth. A nice way to end your day and create balance in your 5 primary aspects as you expand your body, mind, emotions, High Self and Soul. Enjoy! 9-minutes

Multiverse Peace Meditation

Your intention matters! Co-create peace in the world along with Tessa and Benoit Le Chevallier. This heart-centered meditation takes you and others like you on a journey with the dolphins and whales, using the power of the collective in high group consciousness to bring the frequency of peace to Earth. Let’s co-create our new reality!  16-minutes

Business & Soul Visualization

If you have a business, this guided visualization will help you to connect with your business’s soul energy. Everything that comes into creation has an energetic signature – a soul if you will – and if you are wanting to better understand your business’s needs and desire to expand, this audio may help. Get out of your head and receive messages on a deeper level.

Sound Healings & Activations with Tessa

Calm, Presence & Energy

Pleiadean and Shamanic worlds combine in this haunting song to help you enter an inner space of calm presence. Old patterns are cleared and a revitalization begins. As you listen allow yourself to be transported to a frequency of healing, love and blessings.

Open to Your Heart

Let this lullaby from the Pleiades soothe you and transport you to a place of love. The layering of sound will help to set you free from the past as it gently heals your heart and greets your soul. From this place know that the loving galactic beings are here to support you. Set your device on replay and drop in deep.

Om Namah Shivaya

“Om Namah Shivaya” is a classic Hindu Chant for peace. Bring yourself into an attitude of reverence before listening. You can also chant your own version of this silently or out loud.

Soul Shares & Principles

Right Responsibility

Find out how being over-responsible is hurting your soul’s happiness, and what you can do about it. Identify some ways you are spreading your energy out and diffusing your soul energy, so you can begin to take back your energy and feel empowered again. Right responsibility is essential for real happiness, love, fulfillment and soul expression. 27-minute audio

In addition to the audio, this gift also comes with a Mini Guide.

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