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This product is normally $497, but it’s yours today for $398! (2 Payments of $199)

Shine more and eliminate guesswork when it comes to big and little decisions. Learn how to be in greater alignment with your natural way of being and utilize your TRUE gifts instead of making life “work.”

With the Soul Expression Index you will come to understand your core and connect it with your soul purpose, so you can function at your best and enjoy life a whole lot more!  Take back control and power in your life and set aside the energy drainers so you can have real satisfaction and aliveness again.

The SEI includes an assessment, a debrief, an implementation session, and a follow-up session. Tessa is also including a BONUS customized meditation just for you!

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Here’s what it comes with:

1. An Assessment
You get real information, so you can understand your total purpose and what is stopping you from the full expression and joy of living it. You will receive keys and insights into your personal and interpersonal talents and how you can capitalize on them and avoid pitfalls.

2. Next is the Debrief
You will have a private, 25-minute call with me and one of my rocking team members to go over your results and give you a greater understanding of how your unique soul purpose is being impacted by your current life, so you can begin to do something about it right away! You will learn what to avoid so you can stay in greater alignment with your soul path and your unique gifts, and where to put your energy instead!

3. Then there’s a Deep Dive Implementation Session
In this private, 90-minute, power-packed call where you and I will map out specific strategies and steps, so you know what you must do to achieve your soul expression and free yourself from past concerns. You come away from this session with your Soul Attainment Map, so guesswork is eliminated and you can stay focused on your journey rather than wandering around through life or pouring out your energy to others. You will gain clarity on how to gain greater satisfaction with grace and love.

4. Follow-up Session!
If you are committed to your soul and you show it by completing at least 3 items on your Attainment Map, you will also receive one additional private, 20-minute session with me to go even deeper into healing and to answer any questions you have so that you have the certainty on how to remain on track to living with soul!

5. BONUS Customized Audio
Receive a customized audio with Sound and light frequencies to support you on your soul journey as you meet life’s challenges, so you can keep bringing the gift of yourself out to the world.

1 review for Soul Expression Index $398 (2 Payments of $199)

  1. Reviews (verified owner)

    Knowing that I had totally dropped one of my passions from my life was the biggest eye opener for me. I have now made progress in creating again. and I was also surprised to see how my moods were connected to my talents! Very interesting. So glad I did this – thank you!
    – Dianne

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