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As the founder of Realized Soul, I have served for over twenty years as an intuitive coach and healer, and as an educator. The focus of my practice is helping my clients with the profound work of reconnection with their authentic selves:  learning how to listen to their own hearts, overcoming energy intrusions and blocks, and rediscovering their excitement for a soulfully expressed life. I work both with individuals on their personal life journeys, and with entrepreneurs who seek to incorporate their own soul missions into meaningful work.


The center of my work is in helping you to connect to the field of possibility, to learn to express your unique soul with greater embodiment and energy. We all have a deep inner voice we know as our own, but that voice may be drowned out, ignored, confused with other voices that do not tell us the truth. I help you learn how to hear that voice again, become visible to others, and thereby bring your real self into full articulation. The experience is transformative for my clients: past traumas may be healed, innate talents uncovered, the soul’s own purpose revealed.

For coaches and transformation providers, my work helps to inspire the development of content that is itself inspired. I help you uncover the transformative elements of your own work, leading to renewed energy for creating, to enhanced material for your own client base, and to fresh enthusiasm for what it is you bring into the world. Where our personal and professional paths intersect, both areas benefit from the work you do with Realized Soul. 

“Each of us has the answers to our deepest questions locked up inside, and my job is to help you locate the key.”

As a child I was prone to hypersensitivity and depression; lacking the maturity to understand my own feelings–and lacking a guide in those years to help me with that–I went into my adulthood feeling cut off from the spiritual world and at the same time not at home in this one. My awakening from this came in two distinct moments:  the first came on an otherwise unremarkable day, when I suddenly remembered a childhood dream. It was not the memory of the dream that woke me, but the memory it led to, which was how connected I had been to nature generally, and animals in particular, as a child. Remembering that, I reconnected to it immediately.

The second moment came one afternoon, ninety feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. I had been a scuba instructor for ten years at that point, but that day was overcome by a surge of love and purpose, watching the metamorphosis of my students as they moved from fearful of the underwater world to full of wonder in it. And realized my own talent for guiding others into new territory. That has been my life’s work since.

“When we remember our inner wisdom keys and trust them, we can live fully from our whole, authentic being.

As I continued to work one-on-one with clients, I began teaching and training larger groups of clients. It’s a process that has occurred organically, and one that has further sharpened my own skills as an educator.  There has been a sea change in the business world in the past years, one that sees a new generation of entrepreneurs who are anxious to  create something that is not only useful, but meaningful, to make both a living and a life. It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to help facilitate creativity and connectedness for my clients.

In the past twenty years I have designed hundreds of transformational classes, retreats, and products, from which thousands of clients have benefitted. I took my passions in metaphysics and psychology and began studying the art of shamanic soul retrieval and healing in 1999; in 2005 I began to study Instructional Design at National University and began to lead virtual group classes. From 2004 until 2012 I was the Graduate Department Director and Facilitator Trainer for group leaders at the Hoffman Institute in California. I am a certified life coach and since 2010 I have been the Director of Training and Master Coach at Dating With Dignity. I am also a classically trained vocalist and flutist, and often bring the restorative power of sound and light language into my retreats and work with individuals.


I am grateful for the many mentors, teachers and guides in my life who gave or still give from their hearts so that their wisdom could be passed along to others, and cause a collective raising of frequency and vibration for the planet.

Additional appreciation to photographer, Kathleen T. Carr, for my portrait at the top of this page, and for being a beautiful example of kindness in action. Mahalo.

“That ‘which did not kill me’ did cause me to become stronger, but it was a lot to overcome. Now I’m here to share with you
what I learned so that your journey is filled
with greater ease, grace and light.
We are stars of peace and love that are meant to shine.”

# of countries resided in

# of solo SCUBA dives

# of beads glued onto stuff

# of times my life was spared -- that I know of!

# of islands explored underwater

# pints of salsa consumed

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