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Empathic Guidance

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive Coach, I specialize in helping you listen within, eliminate blocks and intrusions, and awaken to the art of soulful living. My calling to assist others on their soul journeys was influenced by my own past struggles with depression and feelings of disconnectedness. After an extensive education in the areas of mind-body connection, quantum healing, shamanic studies and soul retrieval, spiritual divination, somatics and neuro-linguistic programming, sound healing, coaching, and educational development.

I am honored to support you as you undertake your own hero’s journey. I also bring heartfelt empathy and understanding to you, my client, because I’ve really been there – in the darkest of hours – and I will guide you through to a life with real meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.

Classically trained in music and vocals, I utilize the healing power of sound and energy tuning, in conjunction with refined intuitive listening and clairaudience. Together, you and I will get you back in touch with your highest form of self – your light soul. What does the True You have to offer in this life? . . . You might be pleasantly surprised with what you find. I will help you to reignite your inspiration and motivation as you discover the answers you’ve been searching for on this exciting life journey.

Feed Your Soul

It’s important to feed your soul with the right things.  Once you release some of the overwhelm and interference energies impacting you, you’ll notice that you will have more peace and connection to your true intuition. What is it telling you to do, or not do? This knowing voice will lead you to your soul food – the people, places and things that you, as a unique and sensitive being, crave. These are the things that will fill you up, recharge your batteries, and facilitate your growth as an empowered being of light, which can sometimes be painful at first. This is because our biggest fears can be the gatekeepers of exactly what we need most for our own evolution and there has been a lot of interference and stress energies coming in to your energy body and field for a while. Yet when you learn to trust yourself, sort out what’s yours and what is not yours, you will be able to face those fears and you will open the gate to a soulful, joyful life that you cannot turn your back on ever again.

Listen Within

Do you know the difference between your soul and your saboteur? More than likely, you have been listening to your inner saboteur for so long you may have begun to think it was you. The good news is, that is really just the naysayer, the negative nit-picker that is like a bad tenant inside your head. However, awakening to the joy of life and finding the fulfillment you crave starts with learning how to smash the saboteur, so you can connect with and more deeply trust your intuition and your deepest soul voice. This is a big step towards empowerment and owning your gifts.

As you validate and own your gifts, your soul voice will begin to speak more; because it is the True You, and it has been waiting for you to arrive.

The Art of Soulful Living

This is the ultimate goal. Make no mistake, this requires some hard work, let me tell you. Yet, I know from the bottoms of my feet from personal experience, that the work is SO WORTH IT. Do you want to feel really, truly alive? Do you want to have more days of engaged delight and fulfillment knowing that you are loved and supported by the Universe and that you no longer need to worry about your sensitivity? Knowing that your soul purpose is right on track as you share your innate gifts with the world? This is not too much to ask for. You see, these things are all within your reach. All you need is the right guidance, and to keep stoking your commitment for more.

As your guide, I walk with you through this empowerment process. Yes, it can be scary at times.

But after 20 years of doing this work, my spiritual toolbox is packed with treasures to help you remember, unlock, and liberate yourself into your most satisfied, alive self. These tools and practices include some big-time energy work, one on one coaching, intuitive readings, my special sound healing sessions, retreats, and so much more.  And you will also learn the tools to use for all kinds of life situations, including de-energizing negativities, energetic protections, karma and attachment cleansing, decision-making and communication skills, and other tools for empowerment.  Get started now.

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