Soul Expression Index

Jump-start Your Next Chapter

Shine more and eliminate guessing! When you jump-start your next chapter to greater self-discovery with the Soul Expression Index, you take the guesswork out of life. You will be able to shine more and have greater energy because you are in alignment with your natural way of being!  After all, you’ve been searching and meditating and seeking more, but what if this were the missing link that could help get you on your path to clear action and fulfillment?

The Soul Expression Index addresses challenging questions linked to your innate talents and the modes in which you function at your best, so you can feel better right away.

In addition to discovering your true, innate talents you will also discover what has been sabotaging and inundating you. What is blocking you from achieving your wildest dreams? What’s been keeping you in a having to hold-it-all-together-pattern? What is impacting you that doesn’t serve any more? What has been missing? And it may not be what you thought it was… 


With your assessment results and your sessions with Tessa, you will come away with insights and actionable steps you can take toward a fully expressed, realized soul!  Begin to take back control and power in your life today. 

Soul Expression Index Features


The first step is taking the Assessment. This will show you the archetypal energies that are inherently within you, and not the learned behaviors and energies that you may have adopted in order to fit in or belong. This knowledge is essential to have so you can fully express your soul and truly receive the abundance of joy life has for you as you show up authentically. This online assessment can be taken in 15-20 minutes. As soon as you submit your answers, you will receive your emailed results!


Following the Assessment, you will have a 25-minute call with Tessa and a team member to review your results and give you a greater understanding of how your unique soul purpose is being impacted by your current life, so you can begin to do something about it right away!  You will learn how to recognize the primary energy saboteurs that come with your wonderful gifts so you can avoid them, and stay in greater alignment with your soul path.

Implementation Session

This is a 90-minute deep dive call with Tessa to map out specific strategies and steps, to show you how to achieve your soul expression and free yourself from past concerns and outdated obligations. With Tessa’s. help, you will design your Soul Attainment Map, which will eliminate guesswork and serve to keep you focused on the journey rather than wandering around or losing energy. You will gain greater clarity on how to move toward your expression, and clarity on how to steer clear of the things that no longer support your being – all with grace and love.

Follow-up Session

If you are committed to your soul and you complete at least 3 items on your Attainment Map, you will also receive one additional 20-minute session with Tessa to go even deeper into healing, and to answer any questions you have so you can gain certainty on how you will remain on track to living with soul.


P.S. There's a Bonus!

There is also a customized bonus audio to support you as life’s challenges meet you on your path.

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