Soul Support Options

Have a Better Life by Living Soulfully

Have you been searching for answers to a more meaningful life?

Have you been feeling inundated or overwhelmed?

Do you feel like others seem to know the secret to life but you’ve missed out?

If you resonated with any of the above, then you are in the right place. I can help!

Learn about your options here:

Support Options for Soulful Living

Soul Expression Index

Whether you are on a personal healing journey or you want to enhance your message to the world, you will want to jump-start your journey with the Soul Expression Index. What are your innate talents? Your mode of functioning best? What is blocking you from achieving your wildest dreams? What is causing you to feel unfulfilled? What is missing? Gain insight into your uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses, and receive a personalized action plan for your better life. >>Learn More

Soul Empowerment Process

Are you ready to stop sabotaging and start living soulfully? This 6-month transfor-mational package is what you need to reconnect to your deepest essence and live with profound excitement. Work one on one with shamanic practitioner Tessa Alburn on a weekly basis to achieve maximum results in your life.  Power-up with Tessa’s individualized energy clearings, removal of negative intrusions and release of outdated karmic cycles. Reunify with your soul parts and reconnect with the potent energy of the Universe. >>Learn More Here



Release, reclaim, and regenerate with a private or small group retreats. Connect with other like-minded individuals seeking more from life in a group retreat. Connect with other like-minded individuals seekingmore from life and spirit in an intimate, sacred group setting.  Create your own experience with a few cherished friends, or dive deep into a fully private, custom retreat with Tessa for powerful results. Be at one wtih nature, clear your senses and your energy fields. Get back in touch with your essential self and celebrate!  >>Learn More


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