Personal Journey

“I am finding life without anxiety is way more fun than life with! I find myself being much more open to new experiences. And I reclaimed my essential nature that had been struggling to emerge for so long, all in a way that was powerful and joyful and graceful.”

Jana M.

Author & Girlfriend

Personal Journey

I really found myself this year and I am feeling deep love. My inner confidence has grown and my sense of self worth is now rooted deep within my heart. And I am in joyful expectation of my new job, and new life!”

Sara R.

Financial Educator

Personal Journey

“After my soul work with Tessa, I found the strength and energy I needed to finally sell my house, and move to go be with my daughter again. I knew I needed to bring things to a close, and after my soul retrieval it seemed like it was almost silly I had been stuck… Thank you, Tessa. I am enjoying life again and trusting it as I do new things that are more in alignment with the ‘real me!’”

Francis K.

Healer & Grandmom

Soulful Content

“When it came to creating my signature 3-day transformational retreat, there was no other person in the industry I would even consider hiring other than Tessa Alburn. Tessa is a genius, and used her vast experience and creativity to help me create the processes that best utilized my knowledge AND also created a life-altering transformation for my clients.

The process that Tessa helped create has changed lives significantly, and her work with each individual as a co-facilitator is unparalleled. I continue to rely on Tessa to bring new coaches who enroll in my Confident Coach Blueprint training on how to create energetic space for teleclasses, lead with both power and vulnerability, and make an impact.

Bottom line: Tessa will blow you away with her magic!”

Marni Battista

CEO, Dating with Dignity

Soulful Content

“Tessa brought tremendous creativity, connectivity and expansion to our graduate programs. When she began working with us we wanted better ways to stay connected to our graduates and also to address their wide-ranging personal growth needs in new ways. Tessa‘s instructional knowledge and vision was a great asset, she took our ideas and ran with them! Tessa helped us create virtual and live workshops, while inspiring our teaching faculty on to even greater heights. One of the greatest accomplishments was her redesign of our Facilitator Training Program. This allowed us to have a new way to nurture key long-term relationships with our national facilitators and their local communities, and ensure quality delivery of programs to our graduates. It also allowed more people to participate with us.

If you want to be totally confident that your programs represent you well, then you’ll want Tessa by your side!”

Liza Ingrasci

CEO & President, The Hoffman Institute Foundation

More Praise for Personal Journeys…

I pulled out all the stops to get well after being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Through my work with Tessa, I began to be able to accept assistance and love again from key people in my life as I worked through the layers of deep uncomfortable feelings at my life choices. Tessa kept helping me to be more present to everything I was going through and not be so hard on myself about it all. And the thing that scared me most was being left and being judged. And Tessa was there for me. No judgments now matter how upset I was or how many tears I cried. She was there for me when I really needed to count on someone and I didn’t think there was anyone else left.  ~ Karen D.

Thank you, Tessa! Thank you so much for helping me gain deep insights.  The shifts have been massive, and I am operating on a different level.  I have a new confidence that wasn’t there before. I send you a massive hug for your gentle, but firm guidance.   ~Lisa H.

I wanted to get help communicating at work and Tessa helped me a lot. She also helped me to protect myself so I wasn’t exhausted after every interaction with colleagues. The tools I learned with her were invaluable, and they have helped me move forward in new unexpected ways. I also really love her guided meditations and sound healing – I listen whenever possible. I got to heal a big part of my past that was a huge burden and a concern. Definitely grateful.  ~E. Cervus

I was in a very tough place – wondering if I was going to make it through more rounds of chemo or if the strain on my body would be just too much to cope with. With Tessa’s grounded guidance and loving presence, I was able to access deeper (and higher!) parts of myself, and to reconnect to a very powerful feeling of love. I felt seen and heard on a profound level and the wisdom Tessa revealed was absolutely perfect for me. I know now that I can make hard choices for myself and trust that I really do know what I am doing. I am very grateful to Tessa for her compassion, her ability to hold the space for me, and her powerful insights. Thank you, Tessa. 
~S. Sherry

Tessa made me a Prosperity Goddess! Using healing tools, personal exploration, guided meditation, art and more, Tessa quickly guided me to create a new prosperous future. And next year I will double my income! Tessa provides the environment (even on the phone) and gentle guidance that produce A-HA moments in every session. She has so many tools to target your individual blocks, blind spots and misplaced energy that progress is swift.  ~Beth H.

I’m finally feeling a calmness & peace in my life, and am TRULY happy each day. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you & all your insights & guidance. Thank you!!!  ~ Karly T.

Thank you, Tessa! All good things Tessa helped me get clear on have come true. I got married and we’ve had a very hectic, but extremely happy 1st year together with my husband. Many things Tessa taught me have come floating into my consciousness at appropriate times and I thank her for that.  ~ Sherie T.

More Praise for Soulful Content…

“Across the board it’s a joy to work with Tessa!

Firstly, I love how she helped make my course materials rock! When I was designing my intensive for entrepreneurs (120-page guidebook!) I knew I needed her wise, experienced eye to look over things. Tessa’s phenomenal course design skills, her attention to detail and flow, and her ability to create organized structures was a huge blessing. She helped me build a comprehensive, easily assimilated program in a way that brings out the best in my clients.

Secondly, Tessa is an awesome and inspiring facilitator. We have co-facilitated several workshops and retreats, and I’ve always been struck by her ability to tap into the group energy and know where everyone needs to go – and then help them get there in a fluid, honoring way. She holds a powerful container for peoples’ transformation. People are able to open up naturally, and access the shifts they seek inside themselves with a sense of safety and ease.”

Rachel Janaallen Flower

Founder, Senssoma Institute

“Tessa was the first person I thought of when I wanted to create a Change Management training course for personal and organization transformation. I was specifically wanting to create a Journey. A thread that ran through the training and connected everything together so that when people finished it they would feel like they had been on a truly transformational journey – and not that they had been through a typical, run of the mill training. I wanted the quality of my training to be the highest possible.

Even though I knew our course creation was going to be special, even I was blown away by how great what we created was. And also how we did it in such a short amount of time!  We managed to knock out an awesome 5-day training in just hours! Tessa is a 10 in my book and remains on the top of my go-to list!”

Beth Hart

Director of Change Management, Sagitech Solutions, LLC

“Tessa is a fun and creative person with good energy and ideas for the project. She gave me a sense of ease and trust about my course and delivered great results!”

Sabine Grandke Taft

Founder and Creator, Radiant Embodiment & Symphonic Touch®

“Tessa has exactly the qualities of a seasoned professional and partner that I want. In addition to possessing special skills, she has the ability to present her knowledge in a clearly articulated manner. She is highly proficient at discerning and creating group experiences and behavioral anchoring with inspiration, compassion and groundedness.”

Alison Courtney

Alexander Technique Teacher

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